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About the Consultant

John R Crowley Jr, Marketing Consultant

President, Relevance 360 since 2001. John helps businesses with strategy, website design and marketing to increase their lead generation up to 74% and their conversions by 49%. Free time is spent with his son Jim as well as playing tennis, golf & skiing.

How to market your business for a stream of customers.

The Relevance 360 website is divided into four sections for you to learn and apply our systematic strategy.

How To Market

#1 How to Market

Marketing strategies
Marketing plan template
How to make a website
Website analysis
How to create content
Best marketing campaigns
Email marketing best practices
List brokers
Email lists
Mailing lists
Google ads
Social media campaign
How to generate leads
How to use Salesforce
Marketing ROI

How to Market
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Business drivers
FREE marketing consultation
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Free website analysis
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Marketing campaign template
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Marketing Store

#3 Marketing Store

Marketing Consulting $99.
Marketing Plan Template $995.
Website Consultant $199.
Website Analysis $597.
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Marketing Campaign Template $796.
Email Marketing Services $398.
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Manage Google AdWords $400.
Landing Page Templates $398.
Salesforce Consultant $199.

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#4 Hire Us

Client List
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Top 5 Marketing Priorities for 2016

Executives and marketers with less than 200 employees have similar challenges this year.

#1 - Lead Generation
Increase # of leads: 79%
#2 - Conversion
Move leads to customers: 73%
#3 - Increase Revenue
Existing customers: 47%
#4 - Prove ROI
Unlocks budget: 47%
#5 - Website & Technology
Systems: 31%

Source: SOIM report 10/2015

  • Connector.

    #1 - More Leads

    Own 95% of your target market contacts. Generate new ideal leads and deliver them to your salespeople in real-time.

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    #2 - Converting Leads to Customers

    Reduce lead abandon rate. Increase close ratio.

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    #3 - Customer Growth

    Loyalty campaigns increase wallet share and lifetime value.

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    #4 - ROI Proof

    Executives that measure marketing activities & KPI unlock and increase marketing budgets.

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    #5 - Website System

    Identifying the right technology and integrating it with your website to build a marketing system increases branding, leads, sales & loyalty.

Website &



Website + Marketing System

Best Practices Increases Leads

Nearly 60 percent of marketers have adopted inbound marketing strategies.CMO.com
B2B buying has changed: Buyers prefer to do research themselves rather than rely on vendors’ sales reps. Forrester Research

Relevance 360 Marketing System

Custom website & marketing applying our systematic strategy.


Clear actionable plan to achieve your strategic value drivers.

Website System

More than mobile friendly. Designed as a marketing machine to support campaigns & customers.

Content & Offers

Original content your customers want at each stage of the buying process builds trust.


We’ll target campaigns where your ideal customers are with channels we know work.

SEO & Google Ads

93 percent of buying cycles start with search. You will be presented as a choice!

Email Marketing

Prospecting, nurture, automated workflows, transactional – best practices.


We’ll drive prospects to your booth to garner leads & automate email follow up.


Content and offers will be distributed & shared where your ideal customers are.

Lead Generation

Custom landing pages will garner leads & be delivered to your Salesforce CRM.

Salesforce CRM

Salespeople will receive leads to convert into customers with our proven workflow.


Experience & results guides us to use only the best software and practices.


Understanding your customer & delivering consistently retains & grows wallet share & lifetime value.


Your target market will think of you to solve their problem. Audience building will drive business results.


Analyze, measure and adjust with Google Analytics & reports from best-of-breed software.


Plan backwards & execute forward measuring marketing with KPI & Milestones to achieve goals.


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