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John R Crowley Jr, Strategic Marketing Consultant & President of Relevance 360 since 2001. John helps his clients grow their businesses strategically. Free time is spent with his son Jim, as well as playing golf, tennis & skiing.


Strategic Marketing Consultant

Since 2001

Relevance 360 has helped hundreds of businesses in various industries with their marketing, advertising and sales. From local retail businesses to national brands we have provided strategic consulting and solutions from one-off marketing to multi-channel integrated campaigns spanning multi-year engagements.


How to market your business to achieve your strategic mission!


1. FREE "How to market" Education

2. FREE Marketing

3. Marketing Store

4. Agency


  1. Strategic
  2. Customer Centric
  3. Best Practices
  4. Best-of-Breed
  5. Realistic Marketing ROI

How we work.

1HOW TO MARKET YOUR BUSINESS - A step by step guide to making a marketing machine to increase sales & loyalty.

2FREE MARKETING - Tutorials, tools, products, services and consultations to introduce us and help you market your business.

3MARKETING STORE - Recommended software, products and services to build your own best-of-breed system.

4AGENCY - Custom website & marketing applying our systematic strategy.