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Business drivers are factors, characteristics, and processes that attribute to the success or failure of your business. Strategic marketing starts with understanding which business drivers marketing can improve.

Examples of Business Drivers

  • Cash Flow
  • Realistic Growth Strategy
  • Diversified Customer Base
  • (Plus 30 more in the worksheet)

Business Drivers Increase Company Value

Business drivers reduce risk and increase the probability of sustainable growth. The more positive your business drivers, the greater the success of your business.

Marketing Improves Business Drivers

Identifying key business drivers that marketing can improve is a purposeful step toward a strategic marketing plan. The next step is to align these key drivers to KPI’s (key performance indicators) so they become marketing goals. Then choose select marketing strategies and tactics that accomplish your KPI’s to improve strategic performance.

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business drivers planning worksheet

Why You Need This Worksheet

  • To plan strategically
  • Enables input and collaboration with stakeholders
  • Ensure investments in time and money are allocated to the highest priority
  • Reduce risk
  • Increase the probability of sustainable growth
  • Increase company value

Business Drivers Planning Worksheet

  1. Available in PDF, Google Sheets & Excel
  2. 30+ business drivers & KPI’s
  3. Evaluate and score
  4. Prioritize the importance
  5. Establish KPI’s and marketing goals
  6. Notes on how and when you will improve
  7. Articles about how to market your business
  8. FREE marketing consultation

FREE Business Drivers Worksheet