How To Market Your Business


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How To Market Your Business

Marketing Strategies

How to market your business starts with marketing strategies that will give your customers what they want while your business accomplishes its’ strategic objectives.

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The Relevance 360 – Marketing Strategy

Let’s start with the name of the company “Relevance 360” as the first strategy we recommend. The word relevance is prevalent in marketing but it’s not just a buzzword, it’s a primary marketing principle and strategy.

People buy products to solve their problems. People buy for their own reasons, not yours.

If your brand is not relevant then your customers will buy from a company that is.

The first 180° of Relevance 360 is understanding what is important to your customers. The second 180°, is delivering. Brands that understand & deliver are relevant.John R Crowley Jr, Relevance 360

The best brands continuously garner insight about their target market’s wants and needs and then deliver it to them. Doing so allows them to increase profit margins and loyalty.

Top Ten Relevant Brands

You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology…I’ve made this mistake probably more than anybody else in this room…As we have tried to come up with a strategy and a vision for Apple, it started with ‘What incredible benefits can we give to the customer? Where can we take the customer?’…I think that’s the right path to take.Steve Jobs, Apple

The Vision & Mission – Marketing Strategy

Your business has a purpose and direction. Clearly and succinctly state what you do and where you are going and don’t forget it. If you want to pivot from this stated direction in the future, do it thoughtfully and with purpose.

How to write a vision statement:

If you were to solve your customer’s problem perfectly, how would you state that? Think of your customer as an entire target market and paint the picture of solving their problem.


  1. Feed the World.
  2. World Peace.
  3. Amazon – Our vision is to be earth’s most customer centric company. (source Forbes)

How to write a mission statement:

Your mission contributes to accomplishing your vision. More specifically, it is what you do for your customers to solve their problems.


  1. Amazon’s Mission Statement – To build a place where people can come to find and discover anything they might want to buy online. (source Forbes)

The Marketing System – Marketing Strategy

Planning and implementing a systematic approach to your marketing increases the value of your company while increasing marketing ROI.

The Customer Centric – Marketing Strategy

As we establish our marketing strategies for your business we want to make sure that all your business tactical decisions are focused on your customer.  From branding, to product, to how they buy and fulfillment. The better we satisfy our customers the more likely they are to return. An obvious example of this today is Amazon.Customer centric marketing strategy

The Buying Process – Marketing Strategy

The buying process is the same for every product. From something as simple as a gallon of milk or something that has a longer sales cycle like a new car.

  1. I have a need or want
  2. What are my choices
  3. Compare choices
  4. Get more info
  5. Make a decision

The Customer Journey – Marketing Strategy

As your customer develops their need for a product or service, they embark on a journey to solve their problem.

Whether your business is B2C or B2B customers are journeying through the buying process and three trends are emerging:

  1. Mobile
  2. Preference for video content
  3. Get more information via social rather than face to face

The Company Value – Marketing Strategy

The overarching objectives of marketing is to strategically accomplish your businesses’ vision and mission while contributing to increasing the company’s value.

Company value is the sum of all the attributes that contribute positively.

Sample attributes:

  1. Solid and diversified customer base
  2. Realistic growth strategy
  3. Sales pipe

Business drivers reduce risk and increase the probability of sustainable growth which ultimately increase value. Business drivers should be evaluated and planned for in your marketing strategy and become part of your marketing plan template.

To learn more about how marketing can contribute strategically, you can opt-in to this tutorial on business drivers.