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Marketing Interview with Brenna Griffin, University of Delaware

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Today Brenna Griffin interviewed John Crowley about his background and marketing.  Brenna Griffin attends the University of Delaware and is a colleague of John’s at FishEye Software, Inc

Q. Why do you like working in the field of marketing?

A. I believe marketing is about understanding a target market and delivering what is important to them. People by products to solve their problems. People buy for their own reasons, not anyone else’s. The best brands continuously garner insight about their target market’s wants and needs and then deliver it to them. Doing so allows them to increase profit margins and loyalty as well as other marketing value drivers.

I also enjoy marketing because it helps people buy. The buying process is the same for every product.

  1. I have a need or want
  2. What are my choices
  3. Compare choices
  4. Get more info
  5. Make a decision

In summary, I like marketing because delivering what people want is fulfilling.

Q. Can you tell me about your past experience and how you got where you are today?

A. My father is a sales and marketing executive so I grew up discussing and learning marketing all my life. When I started my professional career, I chose sales and marketing positions. In 2001, I started a marketing agency.

Q. How has your education had an effect on your career?

A. My marketing classes at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst helped me formally understand the field.  I recall reading a marketing book and one of the topics was “relevance”. It was then a light bulb was lit in my mind of the importance of relevance.

Q. Do you have any advice for recent college grads who are trying to work in the field of marketing?


  1. Explore and understand your own personality, what you like to do and don’t like to do.
  2. Figure out what you want to be great at.
  3. Specialize and brand yourself in the area you are passionate about.
  4. Have a philosophy.
  5. Set goals and a plan to achieve.

Q. What area of marketing do you specialize in?

A. Marketing Strategies, Website Design & Marketing Campaigns

I take a strategic approach to increase a company’s value. I make websites coupled with a best-of-breed marketing system and services which includes strategy, content, campaigns, lead generation, Salesforce CRM and email marketing. All for branding, leads, sales, loyalty & ROI.

Q. How do you think marketing has an effect on an organization as a whole?

A. Marketing value drivers increase company value by improving business drivers.  Some examples are, brand name, market impact and a realistic growth strategy towards KPI like a solid and diversified customer base.

These value drivers reduce risk and increase the probability of sustainable growth which ultimately increases value.

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