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Marketing strategies improve business drivers. If your marketing strategies are not intentionally aligned with your business drivers you will not increase your company’s value efficiently.

Think of it this way, plan backwards and execute forward.  Meaning start with the end results desired as your goals and then we’ll plan the steps necessary to accomplish your goals.

Essential Marketing Strategies To Achieve Your Goals

I recommend you understand my essential marketing strategies and use them as a foundation and then append other strategies and tactics unique to your business. The marketing strategy that will work for your business will be your unique marketing strategy.

#1 – The Vision & Mission – Marketing Strategy

“Our vision is that by 2020 no one should be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo car.” Håkan Samuelsson, President and CEO, Volvo Cars

Start with your businesses’ mission. You are in business to satisfy a need or want of your customers. You can clearly articulate this with a mission statement. Then extrapolate that out into the future for your vision statement.

Your vision statement will paint the picture of an ideal world in the future whereby you are solving your target market’s wants.

#2 – The Customer Centric – Marketing Strategy

The next logical step to accomplish your mission is to focus on your customer.  If you commit to marketing strategies and tactics where you maintain and measure your attention to your, then you will achieve your mission and continue to strive toward your vision. Tactics like surveys or social listening are examples of staying focused on the customer. We need to understand what is important to our buyers and then deliver those things back to them. It is an ongoing process of “Understanding & Delivering”.

Here is an example of an email I received where Mercedes is trying to improve what they deliver to me the customer.Mercedes survey request

#3 – The Company Value – Marketing Strategy

To sustain your company, you have to understand the characteristics of your company that drive value. Assessing these value drivers and planning on how to achieve them is critical to reducing risk while increasing growth.

#4 – The Marketing System – Marketing Strategy

A systematic approach to marketing ensures you execute your marketing strategies to accomplish your goals.

In summary, there are 4 essential marketing strategies:

  1. The Vision and Mission – Marketing Strategy
  2. The Customer Centric – Marketing Strategy
  3. The Company Value – Marketing Strategy
  4. The Marketing System – Marketing Strategy

To learn more about marketing strategies visit the marketing strategies section of our website – How To Market Your Business.

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