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12 Step Marketing System For Leads & Sales

In Marketing Strategies by John R Crowley Jr, Marketing Consultant

Relevance 360 Marketing System

Your marketing system will add company value while providing a systematic approach to marketing.

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    Marketing Strategies

    There are a number of marketing strategies to apply to accomplish your strategic objectives. We recommend starting with understanding the value drivers your business needs to improve.

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    Marketing Plan Template

    The marketing plan template is a dynamic framework document which outlines the tactics and marketing channels needed to accomplish key value drivers.

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    How To Make A Website

    Best practices along with best-of-breed software is critical to success. We use specific methodology to support lead generation, conversion & loyalty.

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    Content Strategy

    Best practices and our unique methodology of SEO keyword research, site page structure, authority topics, offer progressions and the buying process yield a lean machine of value for all.

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    Best Marketing Campaigns

    Decades of experience with numerous channels will save you money while speed to ROI accelerates.

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    Email Marketing Best Practices

    Email marketing is a primary channel for lead generation, market penetration and loyalty campaigns.

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    List Brokers

    As a list broker, Relevance 360 can provide target market research for all marketing lists. From test campaigns to rollouts, list marketing has a number of benefits.

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    Google Ads

    Organic SEO in conjunction with pay per click ads ensures you are being presented as a choices to prospects looking to solve the problems you provide. If you are not on the first page of Google, your competitors will get the business.

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    Social Media Campaign

    If your target market uses social media we recommend ad and content distribution to these platforms to start engagement.

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    How To Generate Leads

    Best practices coupled with decades of experience generate higher than average lead generation. Content and ad offers, landing pages, buying process copywriting and Salesforce CRM integration ensure a stream of leads.

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    How To Use Salesforce CRM

    As a Salesforce Consultant we’ll guide you how to best implement Salesforce and website integration to close more opportunities.

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    Marketing ROI

    Measuring your marketing ROI is important for a number of reasons. Analysis, adjustments is an ongoing process. Measuring ROI also unlocks marketing budgets.